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Daniel Dethier - Denis-Ortmans house, Verviers 2000.


Marge Arkitekter - Villa Arkö, Stokholm 2012. Via the architect, pictures by Johan Fowelin

Casa Herrera designed by MGM Arquitectos.

Photo by Jesus Granada

Porsche Pavilion designed by HENN Architects. 


Silvia Gmür Reto Gmür Architekten - Center for pathology and forensic research, St. Gallen 2011. 


Adamo Faiden - Chalú house (recycled house), Buenos Aires 2007. Located in a dense, urban site, the new structure follows the footprint of the previous Chorizo house, creating an inner courtyard as a means to obtain privacy from adjacent buildings. Historically, locals used a blend of plaster stucco mixed with quartz stone as a means to reflect the sun and maximize light into the space. Due to budget constraints, the quartz was deemed unaffordable, so the architects gathered glass bottles and crushed them on-site to add to the plaster mix. The effect achieves an equal reflective quality, but also adds a subtle, yet noticeable greenish hue to the material.


justthedesign: Staircase Dualistic House By Antonino Cardillo Architects (Featured under the Tag: Architecture.)